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It has been a while since you have gone on a vacation for your favorite international

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  • Oct 26 2021
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It has been a while since you have gone on a vacation for your favorite international
It has been a while since you

4 Bakery Shops With Unique Sweet Snacks that are so devine

It has been a while since you have gone on a vacation for your favorite international sweet snacks . Thanks to the raging global pandemic, going out to have fun still seems like a distant dream. All you can do is sit at home and imagine yourself relaxing on a clear beach watching the green-blue waves lashing the shore as you bite into a mouthful of satiating Jamaican Toto.

Well, granted that vacation options during COVID are pretty minimal, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy delectable sweet snacks sitting at home. Here are some of the best online bakeries that ship mouthwatering treats direct to your doorstep. So, take out your smartphone, virtually visit one of these online stores, and enjoy a well-deserved snacation.

Islsnac's Caribbean Bakery

Islsnac is your ticket to transporting your mind onto a picturesque Caribbean beach while working from home. Specializing in authentic Jamaican sweet and savory treats, they bring you boxes loaded with the freshness of the beach and the warmth of the coast.

Order your favorite Caribbean desserts online and get gourmet gift baskets delivered straight to your home. Furthermore, the islsnac Caribbean online shopping resort is considered the best shopping in the Caribbean virtual online store. No matter where you are in the US, savor the delicacies of the tropical land from the comfort of your home. Snacation has never been so fulfilling before.

In Islsnac's dessert boxes, you get ample benefits from the bountiful basket of mother nature. Exquisitely crafted with tropical herbs, fruits, nuts, and healing spices, these treats not only cater to your sweet palate but also provide various health benefits.

Stuck at home, you may even sometimes miss old sweet treats like bread pudding or Budin de pan that your grandmother used to make. Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding is also an option for sweet potato dessert fanatics. Islsnac's variations in recipes can truly take you on a trip down that memory lane. They work on customizations and deliver personalized packages to you and your loved ones, too.

Moreover, they have a monthly subscription option, where you can just sit back and relax and your personalized box of goodies will arrive at your door before you blink. Take a quick snacation then and there, go back to work, and repeat tomorrow. How enthralling does this virtual Caribbean vacation sound?

Sweetness Galore

Life can be boring when you do not get to go out much. Physically experiencing a beach or any other natural habitat seems out of the question during this COVID outbreak. Why worry about that? Simply indulge in sweet somethings from the comfort of your home.

The best desserts to order online are available and beckoning you to go for a click on the computer or a tap on your smartphone. Satiate your sweet tooth and send gourmet gifts to your loved ones through these innovative dessert portals.

Milk Bar

While Milk Bar is famous for its unique range of birthday cakes, it also has plenty of delectable options in other dessert categories, such as truffles, pies, and cookies. Whether you are craving some work from home sweet snacks, or want to celebrate a special occasion with a loved one within the walls of your peaceful abode, Milk Bar has got you covered with their nationwide shipping and on-demand local deliveries through partners.

If you are missing a friend or a family member who lives way across the country and the pandemic will not let you visit them, Milk Bar lets you order care packages that are filled with assorted goodies right from their website.

Harry & David

Why enjoy a snacation alone? Allow friends working from home to munch on delightful sweet treats and share their videos on Instagram, too. Thanks to Harry & David's quick online gift menu, you can send a dessert basket anywhere for any occasion.

The online store's pre-packaged gift boxes and towers are loaded with the goodness of cakes, pies, pastries, cookies, brownies, and so much more. They also offer packages comprising fruits (organic options available) for your health-conscious friends and salty treats for the not-so-sweet-tooth people. Harry & David offers some of their best gourmet pastry gift baskets to be ordered online.

Wolferman's Bakery

Their melt-in-mouth English muffins are the perfect way to relax on your snacation while you work from home. Much like Harry & David, they offer pre-packaged baskets to send directly to the doorstep of your loved ones, although, their number of package options is slightly lower than that of Harry & David.

If you just want to bite into some sweet snacks in the afternoons to keep yourself away from a siesta, simply choose from their delicious selection of baked goods, including cakes, croissants, cookies, brownies, sweet rolls, Cheryl's cookies, and savory items. On a diet? No problem. They have plenty of gluten-free options as well.



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