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After graduation, many students ask themselves what they want to do. Not everyone knows what they want to do when they leave university. How do you make money doing what you love? A graduate of our university talked to Marina Staver, a Private Chef

By: Easy Branches Team

  • Dec 17 2022
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 After graduation, many students ask themselves what they want to do. Not everyone knows what they want to do when they leave university. How do you make money doing what you love?

A graduate of our university talked to Marina Staver, a Private Chef Miami, with 17 years of dining experience, who knows the exact answer to this question. She organizes wedding catering and is an expert in luxury food in Miami.

Nowadays you can get paid to do what you love. It doesn't matter if you start your own business, work from home, or go to the office. Many can start their own catering business. But Marina pointed out that, starting your own business develops leadership skills, and social awareness and makes you more competitive.

Personal Chef in MIami

The pandemic has affected many sectors of society. People prefer to hire a chef for a small dinner party, instead of going to a restaurant. Many chefs left their jobs in restaurants. They started their food service businesses: food delivery companies or catering companies.


The first step is to understand, what it is to be a personal chef. Decide if the business is right for you. Remember, that meal delivery service and hiring a private chef are different things.

A personal chef for a dinner party is high-end service. It is not like being a restaurant chef. You do not have to work for someone else, you are your boss.

Regardless to open your own catering business is not a full-time job, you need to schedule your week well. You should be ready to prepare a week’s worth of dinners for clients, set appointments with potential customers, and do menu planning.

Private Chef Miami

Although there are a lot of others you can do, for example, teach cooking classes. Spending time with people like that brings a lot of fun and enjoyment.


It sounds weird, but nowadays to start a catering business, you even do not need to finish any culinary school. But you probably need some background in a financial area, SEO, to run your business successfully.

Gathering your or your mom’s best recipes is not everything. Also, it is not only about estimating the amount of food per person, and food and drink costs. Delicious dinners need to be served beautifully. If you do not have any experience in catering for weddings, it will be challenging for you.

Start with something small. Cook and serve some samples at your friends’ party. Marina, for instance, began as a private dinner chef for two.

A private chef dinner for two is a good start for your first real calculation. Marina told me how she started her career. Once she had a secret mission as a private chef for one couple in Belarus. This exciting story was recently published on her website.

Opening your wedding catering is not just about cooking. This business will teach you many things. Pretty quickly you will be able to calculate the average cost of wedding catering.


Generally, catering services charge based on the size of the event. Usually, an average wedding catering cost depends on the number of guests and food costs in your area. Figure out what it is you need to make it worth it to you. 

The cost of the private chef for a dinner party and plated meals with multiple courses require more preparation time and could include more expensive ingredients. The dinnerware, you need to buy and the printed menu could necessitate additional planning.

On average, it takes about three months to open such a business. The investment range usually starts from 2,000$ to 8,000$. Keep in mind additional fees, such as cooking supplies, and food storage containers.

Count the cost of groceries, your services, time, and supplies, and don't forget about income and extra expenses. Then you'll calculate the cost of meals per person. 

The business will be considered successful if you achieve a profit margin of about 70%. In your first year prepare about 10-12 meals for four people per week. See how it goes, then increase the number of meals and hire staff, and you may start wedding planning.


Decide what you want to cook and for whom. When people google “wedding catering near me” or "personal chef near me" will they find on your website, what they are looking for?

Catering Miaimi

Ask yourself, what can you offer to people who surrounded you? You want to focus on gluten-free, vegan food or maybe you have a specialty like Mexican or Latin food.

Accordingly, in your living area, you will find your customers. Is it downtown urban, an area of a big city, or a small town? Are you surrounded by loft high rises full of singles and family couples? Find the combination of your personal needs and your catering niche.

When people hire a chef for a dinner party, the event will most often take place at home. When people hire a birthday chef, the event will most often take place at home. The wedding venue, on the other hand, can be outdoors.

The weather can fail on the wedding day. Consider how to serve plated dinner, buffet style, and open bar. That the serving and the taste of the food will please the bride and groom on this big day.

It is important to search your competitors before even considering starting any business. Find out more about other wedding catering services and the cost t of a private chef a for dinner party. This research can be useful for you because other private chefs in your area have already proved the market concept in your area.


Once you've decided what you'll cook and for whom, then it's time to formalize the business properly. Look online or at your local government for a business license which is also called a tax certificate. In every country, in every state, it can be different.

Keep all your knives sharp and be prepared to deal with new challenges in your business. Be ready for your day-to-day business, to control your hours and the exact income.

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